New Research – Biofertilizer for Soil&Plants!

Biotechnology in quartz sand for production of biofertilizers, biopesticides and biostimulants under the trademark ekofertile™ for leaf and soil treatment. Find out more

New Research – Biofertilizer for Soil&Plants!2022-03-31T14:30:25+02:00

Project Accumulation Lake

The Project has been developed on request of the investor Victory Marine d.o.o., Kandlerova no. 8, 52100 Pula, with the purpose to build a geotechnical solution of ACCUMULATION LAKE with the benefit for nature and for the public welfare. The excavation Material will be partly used for the embankment of the reservoir and exploited

Project Accumulation Lake2021-06-11T15:20:03+02:00

Ekolive Laboratory Results

Ekolive has submitted laboratory results information to support Victory Marine in achieving its goals for improving sand raw materials from new primary Resources in Croatian Baranja by providing bioleaching by heterotrophic bacteria. Download PDF

Ekolive Laboratory Results2021-06-11T13:33:30+02:00

TBG Cement Report

TBG BETON doo is a member of the German concern HeidelbergCement AG. HeidelbergCement AG from Heidelberg, Germany, is one of the most renowned manufacturers of construction materials in the world. With its three main activities: the production of cement, transport concrete and aggregates, today it is present in 60 countries on all continents of

TBG Cement Report2021-06-11T13:33:37+02:00

Bioleaching Report

The solution provides a full replacement of dangerous and expensive chemical leaching by ecological and economical bioleaching. Non-hazardous processing by natural technology. Zero waste economy, minimal chemicals consumption and reduced overall costs of processing. The presentation is made by Darina Štyriaková, CEO PhD in Mineral biotechnologies with 10 years experience in Bioleaching. The

Bioleaching Report2021-06-11T13:34:02+02:00

IGH Institute Report

IGH Institute is providing expert support in civil engineering for 70 years. It operates at several locations in Croatia and abroad with about 500 different test methods accredited according to the standard HRN EN ISO/IEC 17025 and a wide range of non-accredited test methods. All laboratories meet the competence requirements and account for the

IGH Institute Report2021-06-11T13:34:09+02:00

Ascon Institute Report

The Ascon Institute is certified in laboratory and field testing of construction materials and products, conformity assessment of construction products, design of buildings and design of reconstructions / adaptations of buildings, professional supervision of construction / reconstruction / adaptation of buildings, investigative works for the purpose of determining the properties of materials and the

Ascon Institute Report2021-06-11T13:34:18+02:00
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