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Equitable Innovations

Silicijski pijesak u prirodi

Victory Minerals d.o.o is developing a unique Lake Accumulation Project, and at the same time supporting the raw material industry. Our environmental management, therefore, aims to identify all those factors through which our corporate actions have a positive effect on nature and the environment, with the aim to preserve and improve the world we live in.

Ecological footprints

Home Reshaping Resources

The project secures and sustainable access to raw material and is at the same time the key enabler for a globally competitive green environment. Especially for the renewable Energy Sector it’s critical and strategic necessary to find access to raw materials with a positive change of the world’s ecological footprint.

Raw Material

Iskopavanje kvarcnog pijeska pomoću bagera

The accumulation lakes will accomplish a long-term sustainable effect for the nature and public. The excavation Material for the lakes is analysed and classified as Quartz Sand with realisation of the project Victory Minerals d.o.o provides an environment friendly solution to supply a needed raw material by taking responsibility for the environment in which we operate.