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Accumulation lakes, a sustainable affect for nature and the environment, can provide a contribution of resolving the scarce silica resources

Lakes are an important component of the green nature and water cycle. They are highly valued by residents for recreation and its importance for nature by creating the environment for natural life. Where lakes exist, you’ll find lots of walkers, joggers, and people enjoying canoeing and swimming, picnickers, fishing lovers. The lakes provide sustainable environments for many animals for a lifetime.

By developing such Accumulation Lakes in places where raw materials from the excavation are discovered, will also help at the same time by diversifying its supply chains, creating jobs, attracting investments into the value chain of resources. Our current Project in Barania in Croatia will archive that 1 million tons of Quartz Sand will be excavated for the accumulation lakes.

Further details of the Accumulation Lake can be found in our section “Reports”.

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Quartz sand
demand growth

Over the past 30 years, sand demand has already grown by 360% and will continue to do so…

Every country shall make use of its mineral resources in the best way possible – economically and environmentally can gain on this aim. Croatia has a large potential of exploitation fields for new resources and with smart management, an ecological gain will be accomplished. The explanation fields will provide the raw material for the construction of roads, production of concrete, groundwork for the construction of railways, building dams, and also as an aggregate for the production of construction material without burden on the environment.



The Republic of Croatia has major reserves on silica sand and along with the opportunity of environment-friendly surface mining and processing

Today Croatia imports most of the used Quartz Sand, a change will have a direct ecology impact. A smart exploration of the Raw Material locally will not only have a direct ecology effect but also a win – win for nature and human welfare.


1. Improving the environment by creating accumulation lakes

  • welfare for population and natural life

2. Excavation material is further refined for the industry
3. Reduces import of raw materials from other countries

Further details of an environment-friendly quartz sand refining process can be found in our section Reports and “Bio-leaching”.

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